Women and Retirement, Crossing the Threshold

Wise woman, are you thinking about retiring? Or have you recently retired and are still in the process of figuring this new life out? Maybe you can hardly wait to give your notice and jump into your traveling shoes. Or perhaps you just don’t know when you’ll have enough money or when the time will be optimum for you to finally quit. Women and Retirement, Crossing the Threshold Group Coaching may be just what you’ve been wanting.

If you’re thinking of retiring or have already crossed into this vastly new territory of life without the main focus of work, then come join a group of like-minded women as we explore this rite of passage called retirement.

In a Wise Woman Tradition we would be honored at our Croning as we step fully into menopause, becoming She Who Holds Her Wise Blood Inside. But most of us never get this ceremony, even if we want it. As we walk the spiral of our lives our major transitions are rarely acknowledged.

We’ve taken on the worker’s rite of passage – that of retirement – to mark the beginning of a new, and what could be a long phase in our lives.

Details About Women and Retirement, Crossing the Threshold Group

And since we are women of heart and soul, of depth and meaning, of dreams and practicalities, this transition can mean so very much to us – in the years before and after we step out of our historic work roles.

There are perfectly good reasons why many of us ponder, struggle, and second guess ourselves as we consider retirement. And there are perfectly good reasons why the first few months away from work can look and feel very different from the years right after retirement and beyond. We step into vastly different territory on the other side of our structured work lives.

Who is the group coaching for?
This is for women thinking of retiring, planning for retirement, who have just retired or who have retired years ago and are now thinking more about what and how to create in the years to come. It’s for those of us yearning for retirement and those of us panicked at the thought of it. It’s for those of us still working, but maybe less, who don’t know if we’ll ever really retire. It’s for any of us who are wrestling in some way with this entire rite of passage commonly known as retirement. And it’s for those of us who love deep and rich conversations with thoughtful women.

Women and Retirement, Crossing the Threshold business woman

Do you feel pulled in different directions, ready to take it easy and, at the same time feel the urgent need to make a difference while you can? Have your family and friends already planned out your new life for you? Perhaps you’re wondering how it will be for you and your spouse to be spending so much time together. Or maybe part of you knows you’ve got the financial thing well worked out while another part of you is convinced you’ll end up broke and homeless. And maybe there’s a long hidden part of you that knows you’ll now have no excuse to keep you from pursuing that illusive dream you said you’d get to one day, when you had the time. 

What you will get from this month long group coaching: Women and Retirement, Crossing the Threshold?

  • An exploration of the perfectly good reasons this rite of passage is so challenging along with a wide range of perspectives and practical coaching tools for successfully making this transition.
  • A better understanding of yourself and your strengths, gifts and abilities to navigate this huge transition.
  • A sense of the new territory ahead and ways to traverse it that recognize your unique needs and best ways of operating.
  • Heartfelt conversations and shared wisdom of other wise women at various stages in their retirement transition.
  • A safe place to name your dreams and fears and be supported in crossing your threshold when the timing is ripe for you.
  • A soulful and meaningful story of power for women at this time that can feel dangerous.
  • Ways to access our power-from-within at a time when we can feel our most vulnerable.
  • Personal clarity and a plan for your next best steps in this Queen of Transitions for Women.


Women and Retirement
Crossing the Threshold

Five 90 minute interactive group coaching calls on Mondays in October (the 2nd, 9th, 16th, 23rd, and 30th),
Calls at 8 PM Eastern, 7 PM Central, 6 PM Mountain, 5 PM Pacific,
Coaching group includes a private Facebook group where you can keep your conversations going between calls, daily journal prompts throughout the month to keep you focused and finding your own clarity, call recordings in case you miss a call, and notes for each session.
Cost $249.

Early bird sign up before September 5th – $199.

Some of what we’ll explore includes:

Recovering from soul death and constant adrenal overload.
How do we know how much is enough?
Unclenching, un-finishing, and letting go.
Legacy – how do we keep shaping the world?
Avoiding the comparison trap.
Filling the vacuum – what about all the other demands?
Roles – who are we with and without them?
Tired, exhausted and still responsible for everything, how will we ever be able to handle this?
Yearning, desperately for retirement and rest but it’s nowhere in sight.
How do we identify ourselves and feel meaningful without work to do this for us?

Beautiful one, with your long lists and oh so many people and things to take care of, I ask you,
what is your relationship:

  • With endings and beginnings?
  • With the roles you occupy?
  • With the unknown (thank you, David Whyte!)?
  • With your finances?
  • With your body?
  • With your family?
  • With aging?
  • With death?
  • With the larger world?
  • With your marginalized inner selves, the ones you stuffed years ago?
  • With who you are becoming?
  • With fear?
  • With joy?
  • With unscheduled time?
  • With your power-from-within?

I ask you these questions because all of our relationships are impacted by this threshold we cross when we step away from the outer world work roles we have fought so long and hard to occupy successfully.

Women and Retirement, Crossing the Threshold


Women and Retirement, Crossing the Threshold is a small group of women who will come together on the phone every Monday night in October to explore some of the many facets of this queen of all transitions for many of us known as retirement. It’s a combination of a tele-class and a group coaching because I share a variety of tools and perspective for successfully navigating this change AND it’s interactive, so you get the wisdom of the group (which means sharing your wisdom, too!).

Please join us, Wise Woman, or contact me for more information.

If the timing isn’t right for you now and you want to find out about when this or others groups for women will be offered, sign up now to get my random blog posts. Curios but unsure? Contact me. I’d love to chat with you to find out more about what’s stirring in you as you move into this vast new territory.