Personal Life Coaching in the Wise Woman Tradition

Personal life coaching for women in the Wise Woman tradition combines a Co-Active coaching model with women’s hereditary wisdom, offering women a heart-centered, women-centered, life-affirming framework of understanding in which to live.

Imagine a culture that deeply honors the mystery and magic of women’s ways.
Imagine being witnessed and treasured for whom you are in this moment.
Imagine moving through the world completely trusting your own inner wisdom,
making choices based on what feels right to you.

Personal Life Coaching in the Wise Woman Tradition“…the Wise
Woman tradition: a way
to help us all name,
claim, know,
recognize, support, and
nourish the wise
woman within,
wherever we see her.”

– Susun Weed

Oftentimes life coaching for women, like much else within our culture, ignores our hereditary wisdom and our life experiences. Even within the expansive coaching paradigm of each person being “creative, resourceful and whole,” there is a left-brain, linear, masculine bias that marginalizes the lived reality of women. We don’t experience life as goal with action steps, moving in a straight line, from beginning, to middle and to end. We don’t think or dream in order and we aren’t motivated by flow charts and time lines.

We feel the ebb and flow of the moon and our own cycles. We hold the needs of our children, our families, and our friends right up there with our desire to do good work. We alter our plans or wait on some of our dreams to hold the hands of toddlers or our aging parents. We commit. We over commit. Coaching in the Wise Woman tradition both understands the difficult choices we have to make and reminds us of our own wise ways of living our truth. This type of coaching offers a sacred bias that empowers women.

Personal Life Coaching for Women in the Wise Woman Tradition
Empowering women through our own deep knowing

The Wise Woman tradition incorporates the ways of our ancient grandmothers evolving through time all the way to the present and into the future. This tradition:

  • Honors the Earth, her creatures and her cycles and seasons.
  • Treasures women’s cycles and seasons and inner ways of knowing.
  • Describes a both/and, holographic, interconnected web of life that is abundantly rich in possibilities and in opportunities.
  • Supports the need for uniqueness.
  • Understands the value of chaos, of the void, of the fallow, of non-action, non-doing, simply being in the face of whatever life presents.
  • Sees challenges as allies or aids for us in our transformational process.
  • Challenges us to unconditional self-love – to care deeply for ourselves – in a way that leads us to our truth.
  • Approaches health with this same unconditional love and deep nourishment.
  • Embraces the Divine Feminine,  honoring Goddess in her many guises.

The Wise Woman tradition is one without rules, without healers, without cures or multi-step plans for guaranteed success. It calls us to live our wildness, our undomesticated, holy, whole, healthy, wild woman selves.

So, wild woman, has the time come for you to make some changes in your life? Are you ready to dive more deeply into yourself and use your inner wisdom to take action? Want a witness, an ally, a midwife for your dreams? Contact me. What have you got to lose but all those old choices that no longer serve you?