You know this to be true: good friends are some of our most treasured blessings!

Our friends help dream us into being. Their eyes of love let us see and know that we are lovable. They know our hidden and sometimes spider-webby-dark corners and don’t run away. They recognize the slumbering greatness in us often before we do, reminding us of our quirky gifts and tantalizing possibilities. True besties know how to shatter the lies of our inner critics, rescuing us again and again from the inner demons that would devour our dreams. They can drag us back from our darkest nights and up from our crippling depths. They encourage our daring and cheer our efforts. They push us up to our highest peaks, not letting us cower under our covers. They can sneak joy into the monotony of the mundane and bring out our inner teenagers when it’s time to party. Oh yeah, and they can call us on our shit when no one else can!

We all know the priceless gift of the friends who can get us laughing until we cry, who can speak up for us when we’ve forgotten how, and who can sing back to us our soul’s song when exhaustion has left us for dead.

The trick, in this voraciously demanding world, is to hold onto our friends through our busy lives.

May we all be blessed with lasting and loving friendships. Today let’s make a pact – a pinky swear – to carve out time and space to play with our friends, to savor our treasured blessings. How about it?

4 comments on “Close friends

    • Yes indeed, Lee. Good friends also can reach across time. We may not see each other in person for years, but all that means is we have lots to catch up on. I so appreciate you joining this conversation.

  1. My besties make my world whole! I think our companion people and animals are the point of life, and your post is a good reminder to show them the love and appreciation they deserve. Without the dear women in my life, I would have fallen victim to the stories I tell myself about who I am. And who would laugh with me? I love my cats, but they do not crack up over my stories.

    • I agree with you, Alix. Our loved ones are the point of life. And of course cats can’t crack up over our stories – they are far too cool for that. Although they might being doing some inner eye rolling towards us.

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