Dreamers and Creatives

Giving Your Unique and Precious Gifts to the World

Potter's Hands

Hey you—vessels of the Muse—you with new ideas and grand dreams, you with books that need to be written, with plays that must see the stage, with clay pots that your hands yearn to caress, inventors and builders, makers of things, weavers and woodworkers, blacksmiths and jewelry makers, doll makers, painters and poets, quilters and bakers, you who dance in the moonlight and dream fabulous new creations into being – I’m calling YOU!

If you want someone to challenge you, to acknowledge you, to call you and all your creative magic fully into the world, giving birth to what you must…….. then I want to be your personal life coach!

I can help you~

  • Clarify your dreams.
  • Stay with them until you make them real.
  • Develop whatever strategies you need to get your WORK done.
  • Get past the Predator that seeks to devour your dreams.
  • Figure out what you need and how to get it.
  • Hold to the habits that keep you in motion towards your goals.
  • Get past your mistakes.
  • Celebrate your success!
  • Come up with what it takes to sell your work.
  • Give your unique and precious gifts to the world.

I love dancing with you-who-dream-and-give-birth-to-your-dreams!

Imagine this – a marriage of the dream and the practical actions
that make the dream real.