Reclaiming Your Desire

Reclaiming Your Desire
Feed your inner flame so you can know, own, and go for what you want

For many women, knowing what we want can be agonizingly difficult. There are several good and understandable reasons for this. But we don’t have to stay stuck and cut off from our deep and trustworthy inner knowledge of what we really want. We can reconnect with that part of us that knows. And we can develop new habits for making our own way in the world, for living our personal power-from-within by remembering how to access our desires.

Are you restless and ready for something but have no idea what that something is?
Do you feel less satisfied by things and accomplishments than you use to?
Are you in the middle of one of life’s transition and not sure where you’ll end up?
Are you really good at making others happy but clueless how to do that for yourself?
When asked, “What do you want?” do you know how to answer?

Personal life coaching for women offers:

  • Some very good and powerful reasons why we get disconnected from our desires.
  • Handy tools for reconnecting with your inner darling of desire.
  • Strategies for getting past the “Lady in Waiting” syndrome.
  • Sacred space for exploring the part of you that knows what you want.
  • Techniques for busting through barriers that keep you in the fog of “I don’t know.”
  • How “tip of the iceberg desires” can be sweet but not all that satisfying.
  • Why it is so very important to know and act on what you want.

Ever have, finally, some free time and no idea what you really want to do with it?
Have you been working so hard for so long you’ve lost touch with other possibilities?
Are you good at taking care of obligations at the sake of your nearly forgotten dreams?

Then join the club – of women committed to remembering ourselves and how to keep in touch with what we really want from these precious lives of ours.

Are you afraid that embracing your inner desires might wreak havoc on your loved ones?
Or are you scared that you might abandon your job and run away from it all?
Have you learned that it’s selfish to think only of what you want?

Looking deep within ourselves to find what we really want, to feed our inner flames of desire so we can manifest our unique expression of life force, is one of the scariest, edgiest, and bravest things we can do! With compassion and understanding I’ll give you lots of tools and a safe place to explore and learn.

I’m deeply committed to supporting women in building and wielding personal power. I believe the world desperately needs women to know, own, and go for what we want. Reclaiming our desires is our personal work of unraveling global patriarchy. It’s long past time for us. Can I share a few tools with you now?