Creating Brilliant Boundaries

Creating Brilliant Boundaries
For those feeling leaky, run over, or a bit door-mat-ish

Are you feeling overwhelmed or burned out?
Are you always behind the curve and no matter how hard you work you never seem to catch up?
Do you often meet the needs of others at the expense of your own? (What, I have needs?)
Is “self care” seemingly always beyond your reach?
Do you often find yourself agreeing to things you really don’t want to do?

Do you know your personal boundaries need some serous shoring up?

Then let’s talk. 

We live in a time of thoroughly busted, blown up, completely trashed boundaries. 

Having it all, doing it all, being the best at it all, working harder, working smarter, keeping up, showing up, leveling up, more, more, more – you know the pressures of the endlessness that pervades life today.

And, if you’re even remotely entertaining the thought of finding a coach, I know you really do want to create an abundantly good life for yourself and your loved ones.  

Key to owning, expanding, and wielding our personal power-from-within is having a vibrant, intact container of self. We can think of this container of self like a cup or bowl or healthy cell wall. When this container is leaky, our energy is drained, we can’t separate our feelings from those of others, it can be nearly impossible to know what we need because we are so focused on the needs of others, we can feel confused or ungrounded or overwhelmed. 

In this time of endless everything, we all benefit from shoring up our container of self. 

If you’re ready to plug some leaks and clear up some messes, drop the need to say yes to everyone and everything, do the ridiculously hard work of creating sustainability in your own life, then contact me. I’ve got tons of tools and tips for creating brilliant boundaries. 

Questions? Contact me. I’d love to hear from you.   970.353.5535

Here’s my gift to you: a copy of some of the notes from our Creating Brilliant Boundaries class.