To say that we live in a fast paced culture would be a monumental understatement. Tell me of your break neck speed and I’ll tell you of mine. It’s as if we are compelled to keep our foot on the gas pedal, all the way to the floor, all the time.

And, admit it, should we be forced to slow down or stop, for whatever reason, our inner road-rager can easily make herself known.

This is true cruising through our lives as well as in our cars.

Sometimes all is aligned for us to move forward, unhindered, in the pursuit of our grand dreams. And other times our quests are red-lighted by commitments, illness, poor timing, lack of resources, birth or death or any of a long list of other upheavals.

Slow downs and stops are just part of the territory of any journey. So rage at no one, especially not yourself. If you’re at a standstill now, you won’t be at this red light forever.

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