Oh so ready but not quite possible yet

Some of us are way beyond ready to completely retire. Or maybe we’re ready to move and start on an entirely new adventure. Sometimes we are finally all set to take that big leap – whatever that leap might be for us – and yet there are other critical reasons why the timing is just not yet right for this big leap of ours. Many of us are so desperately ready to retire we can barely make ourselves keep doing what we need to do until that blessed day. Maybe we need to save more or stay long enough for our bonus or wait until we reach Medicare age or until one more bill is paid off or our loved ones finally get to a more stable place. Perhaps we have to wait until there’s someone who can take over what we’ve been doing or until our spouse can see how important this leap is for us. There are all kinds of reasons why sometimes we are ready to cross our threshold but just can not yet do that.

Sometimes we have to hold at the threshold, no longer fully engaged with our past and not yet able to cross over into our future. This can be pure hell or a bit of breathing room, or both.

Where in your life do you feel stuck at the threshold? How is it for you to be here? What might be some perfectly good reasons for this pause, this wait, this not-quite-possible-yet place for you now? And what might be some excuses or illusions or perhaps even lies you could be telling yourself about why you need to hang here a bit longer?

Since waiting can be so challenging for us, how can you deeply nourish and support and soothe yourself while you bide your time?


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