Edgy elder-hood

How might you, as an elder, stand in this question of enough-ness, for yourself and your larger world?

I know it could be edgy to think of yourself as an elder, because you are so very young at heart. Yes, it’s true. You are young of heart and mind and all round spunkiness. And, dear wise woman, you are at the very same time moving into your elder hood. Which is a damn good thing because our world needs you, needs every one of us, to live our wisdom and power. As the story teller Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estes reminds us, we were made for these times. Retired or not, ready or not, what will it take for you to step more fully into the role of elder? What does being an elder mean to you? In what ways are your people are already dreaming you into this role? What’s your edge and how are you crossing it?

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