Nothing to lose

“Life is so dangerous that there’s little to fear
Life is so possible, every breath a frontier.”

These words from Libby Roderick in her song Dancing in Front of the Guns shifted my relationship with fear. I have a long, rich and varied relationship with fear because I’m one of the biggest scaredy cats I know. You name it, I’ve likely wrestled with my fear of it: germs, nuclear armageddon, food poisoning, home invaders, snowy roads, unknown and rare deadly maladies, homelessness, lightening, cockroaches – just to scratch the surface. With her lyrics Libby reminded me that danger and fear are givens – and so are possibilities and endless newness.

It seems to me that the more years, wisdom, wealth, and security we amass, the more we fear what we might lose. The safety and riches we worked for often create other dangers and fears for us. Holding tightly to our knowns can keep us from exploring the vast possibilities of the unknown.

How might your fears be shaping your retirement decisions?
What are you afraid of losing?
Recall at least one of the times in your life when you knew it was dangerous, but you moved past your fears because it seemed like you had nothing to lose. Or perhaps you were willing to risk some losses in order to explore new possibilities. How did you do that?
What might be possible for you if you lived your life believing these song lyrics?



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