Personal Life Coaching for Women

We live in a time of great tumult, change, and opportunity – also fear, joy, excitement, anger, confusion, despair, and hope.

You’ve likely felt this in yourself and others.

The last of the Incas, the Q’Ero people, call this a time of the Pachacuti or the turning of the world upside down.Whether we believe the physical world is actually turning up side down or not, many of us have felt our personal worlds as well as the outer world slinging us about.

 Even if your personal world is stable and right side up, the rate of change in our shared world is so great, it can feel like things are always shaking us up.

“For the times they are a- changin’.”

In a time of great change, we all seek those things that allow us to make our way without being overwhelmed.  Like travelers at sea we yearn for a sturdy boat, trustworthy navigational systems, occasional safe harbors, and bright stars to guide us. We want to sail well and explore, to find our riches, and not be swamped or lost at sea. We need to find our own, sure way no matter the storms howling around us or within us.

Personal Life Coaching, also known as leadership coaching or executive coaching, supports your sturdy vessel self, provides you with navigational charts in alignment with your values and measures of success, reminds you how to connect with the stars that guide you, and creates a practical plan for getting you where you want to go – despite stormy and unknown waters.

As your Personal Life Coach I will help you:

  • Re-member yourself in a way that is more than your roles and others’ expectations of you
  • Find clarity in the midst of chaos and so very many choices
  • Develop a plan that works for you and that you can tweak as needed
  • Learn new tools for getting past the inner predator who devours your dreams
  • Figure out a way to be with the constant changes of life and still thrive
  • Develop your own navigational system so that you don’t get lost
  • Sort through your “stuff”, keeping the gold, deleting the junk
  • Build your power-from-within and skillfully wield it
  • Lock in a way to bring together the sacred and the mundane, heaven and earth, your divinity and your humanity in the muck of everyday life

Personal Life Coaching offers you:

  • A safe place to be your multifaceted self without judgment
  •  And the rigorous challenge to get past your self-limiting perspectives
  • A mirror to more accurately recognize your strengths and challenges
  • A process for remembering how to connect with what you really want and a way to move in that direction
  • Someone to accompany as you journey through this Mystery School of life,
  • Someone who will both support you and call you forth

There seems to be an increasing sense of urgency in our work. Have you felt that? This is the time we have, right now. This is the time for each of us to shine and give our unique gifts to this needy world. If now’s the time for you to make and be the change you want in the world, contact me.